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Posted by Jen Brady

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| Posted by Jen Brady

5 Reasons Why You Need a Lace Extender

1. They add length to your look! 

A lace extender's primary purpose is to extend the length of the item it's paired with. Whether that may be a loose fitting top, a button down, or a springy sweater, the lace extender adds inches of cuteness that blends together your entire outfit. Something cute AND practical? You betcha.

2. They are comfortable, lightweight, and flattering.

Our lace extenders add the extra length without adding the extra weight. This is reason number two that they're totally a necessity this spring and summer season. All extenders are made with lightweight, high quality materials that bring the pretty, but leave the bulk behind. (And because of this they are flattering to the max!) Regardless of body size, we are confident you will like the look and feel of the extender you choose. 

3. They are the right price.

Let's be real: the price HAS to be right in order for a product to really become a necessity. Well, guess what? Our lace extenders (dress, top, and shorts) fall within a price range that will not break the bank! $20 to $45 is the price point of most all of our products, so you might as well treat yo' self to a good deal! 

4. They are fashion forward. 

Lace extenders are one of the biggest looks of 2016. Do yourself a favor and snag one (or two or three!) up while they're hot!

5. And, of course, they are ADORABLE. 

Enough said. : ) 

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