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Posted by Jen Brady

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| Posted by Jen Brady

Bralettes! Bralettes! Bralettes!

We can't keep it a secret any longer -- a new line of products has just hit the store!

Up on the site now, you will find four unique styles of bralettes! Whether you are new to the trend or already have 1, or 2, or 20 at home, we have a look fit for anyone. (And we hope to add more!) 

Here's a little information about each style: 


1) The Classic Lace Halter Bralette ($20)

Details: Made of soft + stretchy materials, this lace bralette combines practicality and fun. With a v-cut front and a halter back, this style is a classic take on a current trend.

Color(s): Coral

What to wear it with: Virtually anything! Even closed-back dresses allow for the halter back to pop through at the neck.   

• • • • • 

2) The Strappy Front Lace Bralette ($18)

Details: This style is both edgy and sweet. Made with adjustable straps, it provides support all while adding a sophisticated touch to any top or dress it is paired with. Because it has so many elements, it is a party in the front AND back!

Color(s): Black + periwinkle

What to wear it with: Lower cut tops/dresses, open back dresses, + under sheer items.

• • • • • 

3) The Classic Lace Racerback Bralette ($20)

Details: When you think "bralette", this is likely what you're envisioning! This look is stylish, functional, and comfortable, making it a perfect addition to any wardrobe. 

Color(s): Black, white, + periwinkle

What to wear it with: Anything + everything. 

• • • • • 

4) The Criss Cross Strappy Back Bralette ($18)

Details: This style is undeniably cool. If you're looking for something to throw some boldness into your closet, look no further! Even better, this style is exceptionally comfy-cozy as well. 

Color(s): Grey

What to wear it with: All things open-back! 

• • • • • 


Now, let yourself have a little fun and shop them all today! 


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