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Posted by Lauren Brendel

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| Posted by Lauren Brendel

Meet Lauren: A Member of the Laci Street Team

Hey There!

My name is Lauren and I'm new to the Laci Street team! I write all of the blog posts, model occasionally, and any other odd job that needs done around here! I'm so excited to be working here and want to tell you about myself! Here's some things you should know about me:

1) I'm a Colorado native, but moved to Omaha for my freshman year of college. Now that I've just graduated, I'm working here at Laci Street! I majored in entrepreneurship and love business, especially small businesses! I wanted to work at Laci Street to better understand the ins and outs and see everything that goes into running a small business first hand!

2) I love to workout! In college I rowed for the varsity crew team. I still wake up early before work to get my workout in! I love the outdoors, and miss the Rocky Mountains, but there's still plenty of ways for me to get my sweat on in the fresh air of Nebraska! 

3) In my free time, you can find me at concert in the park, doing yoga, or painting!

4) I have a slight obsession with buddha... I have literally five Buddha heads in my apartment (yep, at least one for each room).

5) What's my Laci Street style? That's easy! I like to pair my lace dress extender with a laid-back flowy dress!



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1 comment

  • Lauren – We must be twins from another mother! I live in Denver and have forever, so I get the love for the Rockies. I was just outside walking the dog, smelling the clean air, and thinking to myself how lucky I am to live where I can see all the phenomenal shadows cast against the mountains when the sun rises. (I can also identify with Buddha…but not sure I’m ready to let everyone in on that, yet! haha) You are another very cute member of Team Laci Street. I love your look and am glad to know more about the people who guide my favorite company. The next time you’re back in CO, stop in and say hi! :)

    Katherine on

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