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Posted by Courtney Cloyed

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| Posted by Courtney Cloyed

Meet Kate: A Member of the Laci Street Team

Meet Kate -- our feature plus size model!

Born and raised in Omaha, NE, Kate is currently in graduate school to earn her Masters Degree in Higher Education Administration. In her spare time, she takes her dog, Eggsy, on walks, practices her cooking skills, and hangs out with her 7-year-old niece/best friend. Additionally, she is the president of the Omaha Alumnae Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta and has had her poetry published at the Joslyn Art Museum. 

Kate chose to get involved with Laci Street because she "loves the idea of a store fit for all women". She feels excited to be a part of a project that is both fun and meaningful to her. 

Her favorite styles of extenders are the short extenders (paired with a romper) and the top extenders (under a loose-fitting shirt). 

Kate exemplifies confidence, joy, and beauty + we feel so lucky to have her on the team! 

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1 comment

  • What a cute look, Kate! I would never think to pair a romper with my short extenders – so thank you for giving me yet another way to wear my favorite summer “cloccessory”, my term for what Laci Street items actually are. I feel like they are a cross of clothing and an accessory – so I’ve coined my own term. (Could I be any dorkier?!) It’s awesome to have a Team Member who gives me a good idea of what the cloccessories will actually look like on me, instead of trying to mentally calculate how something that is cute on a 5’2", 90 lb soaking wet, blonde chick, is going to look on me. You are absolutely adorable (those dimples are ah-mazing!) and my fingers are crossed that you will share more of your style tips – and don’t be afraid to include Eggsy or your best friend in some of your photos!

    Katherine on

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