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Posted by Jen Brady

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| Posted by Jen Brady

Photo Blog: Courtney + Mackenzie

the sweetest friendship + lace extenders ... what could be better? 

like what you see? go shopping ! ! ! 

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1 comment

  • This is a great spread – and I love the way the bralette is kind of framed by the sassy heart cut out of the shirt. One of my favorite looks is the second photo – Courtney in the dress with the long necklace. That look is what got me obsessed with this style – and she wears it well! Mackenzie’s rolled, “messy” shorts are the perfect companion for the short extenders…all summer long you’ll find my tall frame adorned with a similar look. Since I’m not 25 anymore, adding a little length to the popular short-short style is appreciated (and necessary!) – so I am easily able to buy the trendy style, but wear it comfortably. Now I need to go get my best friend and take some photos like this!

    Katherine on

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