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Posted by Courtney Cloyed

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| Posted by Courtney Cloyed

Laci Street + Texas: Magnolia Market - At The Silos

Let's face it, HGTV rocks.

As someone who loves flipping though a Home and Garden magazine or has a Pinterest board overflowing with adorable home decor, HGTV is a major obsession of mine. There is one show in particular that I just cannot get enough of though-- Fixer Upper. If you have not seen it, let me fill you in...

Based in Waco, Texas, Chip and Joanna Gains turn run-down, beat-up, old houses into beautiful and down-right breath-taking homes. The show is filled with humor (Chip constantly works to make everyone smile) and Joanna's eye for design and southern charm. Each episode, you are along for the ride as the team tackles obstacles and does their best to, as Joanna puts it, "make Waco beautiful one house at a time".

Alongside their HGTV show, Chip and Joanna own just about the cutest space in Waco. Magnolia Market - At The Silos is home to the most perfect family get away. Originally old grain silos in downtown Waco, the market now houses shopping, lawn games, a garden, food trucks and an all-around incredible atmosphere!

Southern charm is a common theme throughout all of Texas and Waco's Magnolia Market is no exception. What has more southern style and flair than a little bit of lace? (The answer is nothing!)

My cream Laci Street dress extender added just the right amount lace detail that gave me the look that I was going for! Paired with a flowy summer dress, long necklace, and strappy gladiator sandals, I was set for Magnolia Market!

If you are ever in Waco and have the chance to see Magnolia's, definitely do it! You will be blown away by the beauty of everything. And don't forget -- you will want to snap a few pics so make sure your outfit is complete and add a touch of lace from Laci Street! 


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1 comment

  • Great article Courtney! Love lacistreet!

    Amy on

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