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| Posted by Jen Brady

Laci Street on You: Meet Jennifer

There's nothing that makes us happier here at Laci Street than seeing our customers lovin' on their new products. For this reason, we bring to you "Laci Street on You!" -- a blog series that puts the spotlight on some of our wonderful customers modeling their new lace extenders, bralettes, and more.

• • •

This week, meet Jennifer! 

Jennifer is a native of the beautiful copper state, Arizona. She is a part time model, actress, photographer, and hairstylist, and a full time mother of two. (Which makes for a crazy, busy, beautiful life!) Jennifer tells us that she's a big lover of fashion, so when she stumbled upon Laci Street, she found an accessory she really adored. She wears her lace extenders under sheer dresses, summer skirts, and those dresses that are just a liiiittle too short. She also went on to tell us, "it's an awesome under-piece for those high-slit-skirts because the beautiful lace can peek through!

Jennifer calls Laci Street extenders a "must have" for everyone. (And we definitely agree!) 

>> Check out the photos below to see just how Jennifer styled her products! <<

Featured item in both photos: Almond Lace Dress Extender

If you like what you see here and would like to be featured in a future post, please send us an email at! 


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1 comment

  • Way cute!! Jennifer is another adorable example. I feel like a Laci Street commercial, but I can’t help it – I just love everything you guys have. In fact, I’m on the site looking for something new right now. (Which means I’ll be 16 “something new”s!)

    Katherine on

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