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Posted by Courtney Cloyed

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| Posted by Courtney Cloyed

Laci Street + Texas: Fort Worth

Riff Ram Bah Zoo!

For Week 2, Laci Street came along for the ride as I lived the life of TCU horned frog! Fort Worth is home to the university as well as so many other Texas land marks like the Stock Yards National Historic District, the Water Gardens, and Sundance Square. 

With southern, modern, and vibrant stops in mind, I knew exactly what I needed to wear! My black lace short extenders looked both adorable and stylish paired with high waisted shorts. The double black combo kept the look very dressy and also gave me peace of mind by adding length as I was walking around all day. A N D the lace detail gave me the country feel I was missing!


My first stop was the Stock Yards National Historic District! Known for the cattle herd drive and Billy Bobs, the original brick walkways and wooden corrals tells the true history of Texas’s famous livestock industry.

If only I would have remembered my cow girl boots! I know, how could I have forgot to pack my boots when going to Texas?! Let's just say it was a blonde moment... :) 


Second on my long list of stops was the downtown area of 7th street-- home to many shops, restaurants, and yummy desert must haves! 

One of my personal favorite places, and a classic Fort Worth staple, is Steel City Pops! One might think that they sell the classic, ordinary popsicle, but that is simply not the case! They are known for their gourmet, brightly colored, all natural, heathy popsicles and it's impossible to have just one!


My last stop was to the stunning campus of TCU. To say that this school is "pretty" would be a complete understatement!

Fort Worth is an amazing city and everything that is has to offer has me coming back time and time again! As I knew they would, my Laci Street products made me feel stylish and comfortable while spending time in such an exciting place!

If you ever have the chance to experience Fort Worth, be sure leave plenty of time to see all the extraordinary stops. Also, bring your Laci Street products with you to stay fresh with the southern style trends!

Oh, and don't forget to stop and get a popsicle... or two... or five!

- XO Courtney



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