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Posted by Tracy Sailors

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| Posted by Tracy Sailors

Dress Extenders: Must-Have Styles for 2016

Have you ever gone out of the house and realized your dress is just a bit too short? 

We get it. 

Today we're recommending a couple of our favorite dress extenders that will help you add length, dimension and depth to your outfit. 

Option #1 
This dress extender has the most beautiful, intricate pattern that will pair well with any dress, and it features adjustable straps so you can get the exact length you need!

lace dress extender

Option #2
Meet your very cute, very practical new best friend! The Lace Dress Extender is a beautiful way to add length, flair, and detail to any dress or longer top.

lace dress extenders 

These are available in sizes Small, Medium, and Large and we'll be adding plus size dress extenders in the coming days. 

Questions? Email us anytime and we'll get right back with you.  

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