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Posted by Tanya Bacon

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| Posted by Tanya Bacon

Do we sell our lace extenders wholesale?

Before we opened up our lace extenders for wholesale in early January, we had the following question come up more than once: What is taking you so long?

I'd love the chance to answer this now that we're up and running, as well as answer any remaining questions you have on our wholesale program. 

At, we do a few things very well. Of course, we're all about high-quality lace extenders at good value. That's the easy part. But equally as important is the service, and this is something we know we can't skimp on if we are looking to build a long-term relationship with you, our brick-and-mortar retail customers.

So up until now, we simply could not provide you with the level of service that you deserve. We didn't have the inventory or the people in place to make this happen. 

wholesale lace extenders
Today, we're excited to provide you with dress extenders and top extenders at wholesale prices, but along with that comes the service you deserve. This means same-day shipping on wholesale orders if you order before 2pm CST. This means free shipping for orders over $500. This means people that care and are standing by ready to answer your questions. 

We're so excited to start building relationships with you today. If you are interested in selling our lace extenders wholesale, please complete this wholesale form and we'll be in touch within a few hours (or minutes!). 

If you have any questions about the lace extenders wholesale program, please email us and we'll get right back to you.

- Tanya,


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1 comment

  • Is it bad that I want to open a clothing shop – just so I can introduce others to the seemingly endless benefits of lace extenders?? I’m not sure if that’s loyalty or psychosis, but I’ve thought about the idea more than once!

    Katherine on

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