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Posted by Jen Brady

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| Posted by Jen Brady

"Short's the style. I get that. But for tall girls, they feel even shorter." -Christa Dubill

As an Emmy award-winning TV News Anchor, Christa Dubill wears a lot of dresses. But at 5'10", she tells us, it can sometimes be a challenge. "I have several dresses I feel are too short. Short's the style. I get that. But for tall girls, they feel even shorter."

So in early April, when Christa stumbled upon a dress extender online, she was excited enough to share it with her 13,000 Facebook fans.

Christa Dubill Loves Dress Extenders

Here's Christa wearing her dress extender on-air: 

Christa Dubill Wearing a Dress Extender

Fast forward two months, Christa tells us her dress extender remains a permanent accessory in her closet: 
"I've worn it with a couple of different dresses. Once to work with an army green button up shirt dress. And once to church with a bright colored shift dress. I only have one so I cant wear it too often. And it's a distinct look, so it doesn't work with all dresses." 

And because of its distinct look, it can draw plenty of compliments, or even an unexpected comment: "Someone did comment that it looked like my slip was showing. HA! I think it's a clever idea!"

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