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Posted by Jen Brady

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| Posted by Jen Brady

12 Frustrating Things About Being a Plus-Size Shopper

We asked 12 Top Plus-size Fashion Bloggers to share with us: What is the most frustrating thing about being a plus-size shopper?

10 frustrating things about being a plus-size shopper 

Mallory - Mallory's Material World

1. Feeling uncomfortable about being overweight

For me, the most frustrating thing about being a plus-size shopper is going in the store to shop and feeling uncomfortable about being overweight. Most people that are average size probably don't even notice, but in a majority of stores that carry a plus size line they have a separate section for those plus sizes. You can't look on the rack and see S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X, and 4X mingled together. Typically, the XL sizes are on their own rack in a separate section of the store. It might not seem like a big deal, but it definitely makes me feel self conscious at times."

- Mallory, Mallory's Material World

hey april photo

2. Style selections are limited in store

"The most frustrating thing about being a plus size shopper is the narrow selection of items in most retailers. Either the size selection is limited (some retailers offer larger sizes online only), or the style selection is limited in store. It is imperative that, as a plus size shopper, you can go in the store and be able to try on a product comfortably, no matter the size or style." 

- Aprill Coleman,

My Curves & Curls - Assa Cisse

3. Selections are always in the back

"The hardest part of being a plus size shopper is not being able to buy the same things that my straight size friends are buying.  I see so many beautiful things that  I want to purchase, but they never come in my size.  Because there isn't a lot of options  you might end up wearing the same thing as other people when you attend big events.  The selections in stores are not only limited but also always in the back.  It definitely make you feel like a second class citizen. I want to be able to walk in the store, try on the clothes , decide if it works for me, instead of sitting on my computer all day trying to figure out the kind of fabric, the length and so forth."

- Assa Cisse, My Curves & Curls

Gorgeous in Grey  - Ty Alexander

4. Most of the plus-size styles are online only

"The most frustrating thing about shopping as a plus size woman is that most of the styles I love are only online. You can find super trendy and budget-friendly items are stores like Eloquii and ASOS but you have to choose very wisely or you're spending unnecessary hours at the post office. But I do think that if demand more stylish clothes and come together as a community change can happen."

Ty Alexander, Gorgeous in Grey 


Georgina Grogan-SheMightBeLoved

5. Of the hundreds of stores, just a handful actually cater for us

"The most frustrating thing for me is that there are so little stores on the high street where I can actually pop in and buy something then and there. Depending which city you're shopping in there's literally 3 stores max that us plus size women can shop in and it's infuriating. Of the hundreds of stores, just a handful actually cater for us and then it's a battle for them to have all the sizes in or the nicer stock from their websites. It's especially frustrating when there are stores that do cater for the lower end of plus but then they never have the clothes in their actual stores either."

- Georgina Grogan, She Might Be Loved

Gavyn Pickens - The Curvy Cutie

6. Plus-sized clothing lines are still a little behind on the trends

"The most frustrating thing for me about being a plus-sized shopper is that plus-sized clothing lines are still a little behind on the trends. Trends change, and the clothing available for straight sizes do as well, however the clothing options/styles for each trend are not as readily available for us plus-sized gals. It's frustrating to see whats in style for spring or fall and know that there won't be as many cute options available."

- Gavyn Pickens, The Curvy Cutie


Stephanie Yeboah - Nerd about Town

7. We are often given clothing that looks very plain, "mumsy" and unexciting

"The hardest part of being a plus size shopper is when a mainstream brand create a plus size line that features clothing that is completely different from their main range. Retailers should be able to extend the sizes of their clothing to include those of us who are interested in their mainline clothing; instead we are often given clothing that looks very plain, "mumsy" and unexciting."

- Stephanie Yeboah, Nerd About Town

Amanda Montgomery - Latest Wrinkle

8. Only a select few styles represented across the board of plus size

"I am most frustrated by the lack of style choices compared to straight sizes. There seems to be a select few styles represented across the board of plus size, but not all fuller women fit into these style aesthetics. With 14+ women representing a large percent of the population, I don't feel that is represented in stores."

- Amanda Montgomery, Latest Wrinkle

Sophie O'Reilly - Sophie's Plus Size Wonderland

9. The price difference

"As a plus size shopper something that undoubtedly frustrates me is the price difference. For instance a Dress in the plus size section is always marked up much higher than a Dress in the standard size section, yet both Dresses are more or less identical. I don't see why we should pay more just because we have more curves. Another thing that I have noticed is that some stores think that you just go up a size, they do not realise that you also change shape, therefore they need to change the cut of the clothes as well as the size. Luckily there are lots of other fabulous plus size stores that do this."

- Sophie O'Reilly, Sophie's Plus Size Wonderland 

Amber McCulloch-Style Plus Curves

10. The size variations in the clothes

"As a plus size woman, the options for amazing clothing have exploded in the last few years! It's been wonderful and exciting to explore all of the new lines and retailers...but the most frustrating thing is the size variations in the clothes! You never know what you're going to get, and even if you pay really close attention to the size charts, you still end up with things that totally wrong for your body/size! Then you have to deal with mailing back your returns and all of that, which is a huge time commitment! And don't get me started on the online stores that don't have free shipping and returns! I hope one day there will be an industry standard for a plus size sizing chart and that all online retailers will offer free shipping and returns as just another standard business process."

- Amber McCulloch, Style Plus Curves

Violet Moya-Curvy Girl on a Budget

 11. I'm 5'2 and most plus size retailers cater to average or taller folks.

"The hardest thing about shopping for plus size clothing;  at least for me, is being on the shorter side. I'm 5'2 and most plus size retailers cater to average or taller folks. So most of the time I am tripping over my dresses or pants and can never find clothing my size. I usually end up settling for something that doesn't fit or even getting it tailored to fit me.  Thankfully plus size retailers are curating their brands to include their fun size consumers as well, which I'm ecstatic about."

- Violet Moya, Curvy Girl on a Budget

Inemesit Etokudo

  12. I can’t see high fashion trends in my size

 "The aspect about shopping as a plus sized individual that is most frustrating to me is the fact that I can’t see high fashion trends in my size. Every season, new trends hit the fashion industry via the catwalks in Milan and Paris by major players like Givenchy and Tom Ford. These trends undoubtedly set the standard when it comes to what will be the “it items” and I often find that this does not translate into the plus-sized fashion industry. I would love to be able to walk into a plus-sized retailer and pick up a piece of clothing that is fashion forward and on trend for any season; unfortunately, this remains a dream as most curvy and full figured companies produce lines that remain relatively the same and do not push the fashion boundaries. Despite all the strides that the plus-sized industry has taken towards producing quality and variety within plus-sized fashion, there is still a ways to go for the plus-sized industry to catch up with the general fashion trends of our times."

 - Inemesit Etokudo, Inemesit Etokudo

From the beginning, Laci Street has been dedicated to making all of our short extenders and dress extenders available in all sizes. 

"I believe it’s important to carry both standard and plus sizes because no one should have to struggle to find exactly what they want for their wardrobe," explains Jen Brady, Lead Photographer at Laci Street. She adds, "inclusivity is key at this store... and I think that is what makes it so awesome."

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